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  Meet   Jeddah


Born in Crete, Greece and raised in New York, Jeddah found her passion for officiating weddings in 2002 after her mentor asked her to step in for her and officiate a wedding of 350 guests!  What an initiation!   Her love for stories of how couples meet and fall in love combined with her calming nature and ability to demystify the ceremony process enables couples to relax and be present for the most significant day of their lives. Her heartfelt delivery of the ceremony has a way of bringing everyone together regardless of their religious beliefs, creating unforgettable moments that set the tone for the celebration to follow.

When she is not writing ceremonies, you will often find Jeddah strolling through her favorite nature walks, practicing yoga, planning beautiful meals and exploring new restaurants with her partner, catching up with friends and marveling over her furry companions.